UK Exhibitor Cineworld Courts Radical 3D Glasses Supplier

UK cinema operator Cineworld claims it will soon ink a deal with Australian company Look3D, to bring the Oz company’s range of fashion-styled 3D glasses to key sites in January 2010.

Look3D announced its range in October of this year, and Crispin Lilly, VP of Business Affairs at Cineworld says that they will be the first to stock them in the UK:

“We are going to enjoy a period of exclusivity. Certainly for the first few months we’ll be the only exhibitor in the UK using or selling Look3D product. We’ll be committing to an annual volume, and then I imagine it will be on a rolling basis. It’s a volume commitment rather than a term commitment.”

“We’re certainly going to be using them as a supplier for the cheaper glasses and doing some tests with them on the premium glasses at our high-flowing sites; possibly Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester.”

3D cinemagoers will be familiar with the dark grey lenses of RealD glasses that are currently used in cinemas worldwide. Look3D have obtained a license from RealD to make improvements to the lens technology. In its premium range, they claim to have created a higher specification lens that is stronger, more scratch-resistant and designed to last as long as a pair of good quality sunglasses.

The full Look3D range varies from the basic Movie Collection to the Designer Collection, which has a greater number of designs and features metal frames for the aviator style, of which Look3D founder Rhett Adam said, “It’s the denim jean of sunglasses, the number one selling design in the world.”

A clip-on set of 3D lenses has been designed for those who wear prescription glasses. Children will be able to buy a range that can be themed according to the movie property, and also that adequately fits their heads.

Cineworld will test 10,000 units of the aviator and clip-on styles at two or more flagship cinemas in mid-January of next year. Lilly said that they will definitely place an order of premium kids glasses in time for the release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland in March 2010.

They estimate that the premium glasses will sell for £4 to £8.

The cinema chain has started a reduction on 3D ticket prices in November of this year. Instead of an extra £2.20 on the standard adult admission, punters now pay £1.90 extra per ticket, buying the current RealD glasses at 80p each. Cineworld claim that by buying and reusing 3D glasses, customers will recoup their investment and continue to save money watching 3D movies.


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