New Avatar trailer unfurls narrative


20th Century Fox today released the second Avatar trailer for James Cameron’s hotly anticipated movie, scheduled for a day and date release on 12 December.

The first teaser trailer, released just over a month ago, tantalised audiences with displays of the much-vaunted CGI capabilities of Cameron’s production team.

This second helping hints that there will be a return to Cameron’s common motif of love and loyalty tested by war or disaster, as has been the case in his films Terminator, The Abyss and Titanic. There is also a theme of the struggle by a small group against a vastly more powerful aggressor, (as was Star Wars, written with the Vietnam conflict between the US and the under-resourced Viet-Cong in mind). Longer periods between cuts give a greater chance to examine the CGI, and it seems to stand up.

The story centres on ex-marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), who though paralysed and wheelchair-bound is brought back for a mission taking place on the remote world of Pandora, home of the tribal Na’vi people. 

Earth requires new sources of a highly valuable metal element, and the Na’vi settlement is sitting on top of a significant vein of said stuff, so in true gung-ho style, the Marines are sent in to clear the village. 

Sully, given the chance to walk again through the use of a genetic human-Na’vi hybrid body, or ‘Avatar’, is tasked to infiltrate the Na’vi and pass back intelligence from the inside. However, the one thing that no-one in these neo-con power structures ever counts on interfering in a military operation, is the power of love.

I must admit to having been very wary of movies that promise to revolutionise the movie-going experience, possibly only films such as the original Star Wars trilogy and Jurassic Park can make such recent claims. 

It’s hard to make a accurate judgement without seeing it on the big screen, but the textures and rendering of CGI surfaces look convincing enough to lift it beyond the criticism of resembling ‘in-game’ footage, so I’m going to keep an open mind until it hits the silver screen. See what you think…

Images and trailer content used with permission of 20th Century Fox Limited


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