Holy Moly! Pinewood Studios does drive-in movies

Yep, you too can be a 50s throwback like The Fonz and Richie Cunningham, for that grand palace of British film-making, Pinewood Studios, is holding a series of drive-in movies this winter to celebrate its 73rd birthday.


Unlike some American theme-park studios, British studios are locked down tighter than Fort Knox. But on this occasion, they are opening the Willy Wonka gates of their veritable chocolate factory to the likes of us Charlie Buckets, and if it’s a roaring success, it’s something they may do again.


There’ll be an American-style menu offering hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks, but no alcohol, ‘cause you’ll be driving, daddeo. A VIP ticket will get you a prime spot near the front, and waitress service to your car. The studio boffins will transmit the sound to your car stereo by a selected radio frequency, and the image will come from a Blu-ray player hooked up to a beast of an HD projector.


While not a studio tour, you’ll get to ride your station-wagon – or Ford Focus – to the Paddock Lot. This is the huge water tank that has witnessed the sinking of the Titanic in A Night to Remember, and the sinking – there’s a recurring theme here – of a Venitian house thanks to a certain secret agent. You’ll be glad to know the tank will be covered, so no need to bring your Lotus Esprit submersible.


Projected onto Europe’s largest bluescreen will be 2001: A Space Odyssey, Superman, Gladiator, Batman Begins, Dr Strangelove, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Slumdog Millionaire, Harry Potter, Mamma Mia and many more over the six weekends up to the end of December.


The one thing they can’t control is the temperature of the British weather, so they’re advising wrapping up as you would for Bonfire Night or any winter show.


It all begins with a Halloween fright night of The Shining and The Omen. Check out the full schedule here, at See Tickets.com, and at the Pinewood website.


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